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All you need to know

Where do your cars come from?

We work with different trusted suppliers to offer a wide selection of cars. The cars come from garages in Europe, mainly Germany.

We also work with local garages with Swiss cars.

What difference is there with an imported car?

Absolutely none! The cars come off the same production line and are identical to the ones sold in Switzerland. We simply take much less margin than the big importers.

Do your cars have warranty?

Yes, all cars have at least 2 years of manufacturer warranty starting on its first registration date (unless specified otherwise) and it is valid in all of Europe, including Switzerland. This warranty can even be extended upon purchase or at a later date.

Do your cars come with free services?

We offer service packages with our partner Quality 1. You can then have the flexibility to go to the garage of your choice to have your services done. Ask us about it!

What is your delivery time?

Cars are usually delivered between 2-3 weeks, unless they are in Switzerland in which case they can be delivered in 1-3 days.

I would like to visit/try the car, is this possible?

Of course! We can organize a viewing/test driver or a video call can also be arranged with the supplier if the car is not on site.

What does your price include?

For imported cars, our price to you includes the following:

  • Import tax, duties, VAT, CO2 tax.

  • Transport fees to Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Car registration including inspection.

Basically, no additional costs are required!

Do you offer leasing?

Yes, we can send you a leasing offer with Cembra Money Bank whether you purchased the car with us or not. Click here to request an offer.

I need car insurance, can you help?

Yes, we can send you an offer from our partners. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you export outside of Switzerland?

Yes, please contact us to further discuss your needs.

Find your dream car with us, without paying the Swiss premium.

Specializing in new or used luxury/sport/super cars.

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